Infiniti Funding is a business built on integrity. Our philosophy is a simple one: We do our best to find financial solutions for our clients.

About Us

In the business world, it is a fact that the lifeblood of all financial transactions, of all commerce, of all trade and all merchant activity, is money. But there are many different forms of money.


Carefully sophisticated and calculated, we provide a wide range of financial services to those seeking to expand their portfolio or to just accelerate cash advances via a wide variety of loan types.

Global Services

With a magnificent presence across the world, we offer loan and financial services in a multitude of currencies and global formats.

Best in Practice

With so many loan and financial options all around, we guarantee our clients best in practice services with full satisfaction guaranteed.

Detailed Data Analysis

With a full staff of researchers and analysts, we make sure you receive the best possible funding rates with the highest rate of approval.


Decades of experience means the best for you.

No matter what your situation may be, we strive to find a financial solution for everyone. A solution always exists and we're experts in finding the best solution for you.


With a lengthy track record of successful loan acquisitions, we ensure you won't be disappointed with our services. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

  • With not much time to find cash that my small business needed to survive a short-term dip, Infiniti Funding got me the cash we needed in no time. Truly a life saver.

    JAMES W.

  • After browsing the web for hours looking for a reputable company to get cash to finance a new investment, I was finally able to get the cash I needed super fast and easy with Infinity Funding. Thanks again!

    JOHN B.

Think of Your Money Like Water

Think of money as being like water. Liquid water is vital to life. You can only go for a short time without water, making water one of the most important factors in any survival scenario. A person who is walking through the desert or climbing a mountain, for example, could not long survive if he or she did not have a supply of liquid water to drink. But let’s say that our traveler or survival encounters, on his or her way up that mountain, an accumulation of ice. That ice is water, yes, and can conceivably be a means of survival. But anyone who understands wilderness survival lore knows that putting ice in your mouth and letting your body heat melt it uses up important body heat and may harm the person trying to survive. To drink the water, our erstwhile survivor must heat the ice and turn it into drinkable liquid.

The process of converting ice into water takes time and equipment (our survivor must have a way to hold the ice, a means of starting a fire, and a means of combining the fire with the containment device in order to produce drinkable liquid). Well, the process of converting a long-term investment or a real asset into liquid cash — just like turning ice into drinkable water —takes time. If you are very “thirsty” for cash, if your immediate need for liquid funds is very urgent, you may not have the time required for a long-term capital investment to come to fruition. Or, worse, your money may be tied up in assets like real property that are not, in and of themselves, spendable at all. This would be like, in the example of our mountain climbing survivor, discovering a source of steam emitting from a crack in the mountain. The steam could conceivably be trapped and converted into drinking water, but it is so far from consumable, liquid water that it almost does not help at all. The same is true of having plenty of valuable assets to one’s name, none of which are actually “spendable” in the short term.

Infiniti Funding Is Not a “Fire and Forget” Lender

It is a sad fact that the financial industry is littered with “fire and forget” lenders. These are lenders who are only interested in you, your issues, your problems, your questions, your doubts, and your solutions until they have secured your signature on some form of financing. Thereafter, they forget you exist, and if you have any follow-up questions or any further concerns, you are left on your own to figure it out. Worse, if you have questions about your loan or other financial solution, they often are completely absent when you try to find help for your issue. This is an irresponsible business model and creates unnecessary stress and anxiety among a lender’s clients.

Infiniti Funding will never treat you this way. We will never abandon you. When you become an Infiniti Funding client, our goal is to achieve and sustain a business relationship that grows in the long-term. We want to build long-term relationships with our clients that not only stand the test of time, but result in repeat business and provide our clients with long-term reassurance. The term “financial solutions” gets thrown around a lot in our line of work. We believe a “solution” that does not result in long-term benefit is not a solution of any kind, but simply a means of “kicking the can down the road” and deferring real resolution of a client’s problems. Financial issues, and specifically needing liquid funds when you do not have them, are no laughing matter. They are deeply serious and deeply personal. Clients need to know that they can trust their financial services provider, their loan agent, their funding company, with not only their financial and business details, but also their questions and concerns. In other words, there is a deep bond of trust that must be forged if both parties are to be satisfied with the relationship, and especially if the client is to come away from the experience believing his or her needs have been properly addressed.

Infiniti Funding Tailors Financial Solutions to Your Needs

When it comes to your financial solution, we take what you tell us very seriously. This is not simply done to put you at ease, although putting you at ease and helping you to come to terms with your financial needs is part of the service we offer. We understand, too, that even if you are not experiencing stress over your need for financing, there can be a fair amount of anxiety attendant to securing any loan, if only because of the potentially large sums of money involved. No client wants to believe he or she is being taken advantage of. There is a condition called “cognitive dissonance” that takes place when a client receives a product or service and then discovers that he or she is not satisfied with what he or she has received. In other words, if you secure financing from some lender and then you come to believe the terms are not beneficial to you, you will experience emotional and psychological distress. You will be unhappy, and your unhappiness will cause you ongoing stress over both your business venture and your state of financial health.

At Infiniti Funding, we understand that every client is different. We understand that simply discussing the details of your financial needs may make you feel vulnerable, and that you may be reluctant to talk about your financial issues with just anyone. Even if you are in great financial health and you simply wish to avail yourself of the market finance options that exist to fund your investment, project, or purchase, it is no small thing to obtain a loan and negotiate terms. We understand this. At Infiniti Funding, we know that the trust you place in us when you do business with us is something very special. We will strive, in all things, to be worthy of your trust, and will demonstrate through word and deed in every event that we value you as a human being, as a client, and as someone who needs a tailored financial solution. That is the single biggest advantage to engaging Infiniti Funding as your lender: We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. We examine very client’s needs on a case by case basis, and we tailor the financial solutions we offer both to what you will be comfortable with and what will best address your financial need. We have taken our name, Infiniti, from the infinite number of possibilities available in the wide, wonderful world of financial markets. There is no limit to the types of clients and the number of different financial scenarios we might be called on to address. We are happy to provide solutions to all of them and to put your company, or you, on the map when it comes to your need for liquid cash. If your money is like life-giving liquid water, then we will make sure it flows in sufficient quantity to keep you solvent and allow you to achieve your goals.

Money is a Measure of Work and of Life

One of the reasons that money is so important is that there is no better measure of your work... and therefore your life. This makes financing for your business or your purchase a deeply personal prospect no matter how you look at it. Consider what money actually represents, and why it is so important to modern commerce: One receives compensation in the form of money in exchange for one’s effort, or in exchange for some other form of value that in turn was paid for through someone else’s effort, Every dollar therefore represents some portion of a human being’s time, of his or her life, and specifically his or her effort or labor. The money that you amass in the form of assets and other items of value is thus a representation of your own life, your own time, your own effort, and therefore your very person. As an individual, the things of value that you possess represent some aspect of you and, most importantly, the amount of time, effort, and just plain hard work that you expended in getting to the point at which you now find yourself. Obtaining financing is therefore another aspect of your effort. Especially in the terms of an asset-backed loan, you are trading some portion of the work that you have done, the earnings you have made, and the value you have acquired in order to obtain liquid funds that can be used more readily and immediately than the stores of value you now possess. There is no more personal process, and no more important function of your business and commercial life.

At Infiniti Funding, we understand all of this. And we stand ready to assist you with the financial solution you require, no matter what your specific needs, and no matter what different features or parameters you may be facing. We will listen to your needs and concerns. We will embark on the search to find a financial solution that meets your needs according to what you require and what you prefer. This is significant because every single person requires and prefers something different when it comes to financial solutions. Our comfort zones vary from person to person. Our financial means also varies. Our needs vary, as does the timing of those needs. You never have to worry about receiving a cookie-cutter solution from Infiniti Funding, because we will not treat you like a number. We will treat you like a valued partner in business. That is how we view all our clients, and we strive not only to make our clients happy, but to see to it that their needs are met both in the short-term and in the long-term. If we can solve your shorter-term financial issue with an appropriate loans that meets your needs within your specific parameters, that’s great. If we can then serve your needs over the longer term, making you our repeat client, then we are that much happier. And we cannot be happy and satisfied with the service that we provide until we know that you are, too. This is not just our commitment to you as a client. It is also the governing philosophy of our business.

Integrity and Trust are the Foundation of Our Business

Our business model acknowledges, and is rooted in, the degree of trust a client and a lender place in each other. We value the short and long-term development of this model, and we want to make sure that you, as our client, are satisfied with the service that we provide. All of this begins with communication. We will gladly discuss your needs and your requirements. All we ask is that you take the time to get in touch. Contact us today!

Getting the Liquid Cash with a Merchant Cash Advance

Do you need an infusion of liquid capital to keep your business on track? If you have a business that does retail sales, you may be able to trade a portion of your credit and debit card receipts for a lump sum cash advance right now. A merchant cash advance is not a loan, however. Where a loan has a set repayment schedule, a merchant cash advance is taken out and stays out until the business finally pays the advance back. During the time the merchant cash advance is outstanding, the merchant agrees to trade a percentage of its monthly credit and debit card sales. While this reduces monthly receivables, it enables the company not only to stay in business and continue growing (while addressing immediate cash flow needs), but also to repay only as it become able to do so. There is no set repayment plan and the percentage of receivables rises and falls as the company’s sales do. This makes the merchant cash advance a very flexible option. Also, merchant cash advances are relatively easy to qualify for compared to more traditional loans. Because the merchant cash advance is not a loan at all, the approval process is simpler and faster, and the cash itself is delivered more quickly. Paperwork is streamlined and the whole process is quite efficient. Don’t let your business stall because your cash flow is insufficient. Get a merchant cash advance and keep growing.