Infiniti Funding is a private lending firm based in the United States. From domestic and international stock loans and structured settlement loans to pre-settlement funding, bridge loans, small business loans, and merchant cash advance financing, Infiniti Funding can tailor a financial solution to your specific parameters in order to meet your needs today.

If you are looking for financing to restructure your debt, or if you need an asset-backed loan, a rehabilitation loan, or a hard money lender, we can help. For example, if you are a real estate investor or professional, we can provide you with rehab financing that facilitates the sale of your investment, or provides funds for renovation or purchase of real property, to include residential, single-family homes (excluding financing for owner-occupied rental homes). If you need a hard money loan in your area to finance a real property investment, we urge you to talk to us. Are you purchasing a foreclosure or other Real Estate Owned (REO) property? Are you involved in a short sale? We offer transactional funding that can make this possible. Are you living outside the United States and hoping to break into the United States real estate market? If you can’t acquire funding in the usual channels, we can help you. Whether you want to refinance or you need a bridge lender, we are your one-stop solution. Do you need a merchant cash advance? We can help with that, too. Do you need pre-settlement funding, or financing based on a structured settlement? We can get you the cash you need now based on the ongoing annuity of your structured settlement. Whether your settlement is the result of an insurance settlement, a personal injury lawsuit, a medical case, or some other form of ongoing payment, we can turn those future payments into a single cash payout right now.

Take A Merchant Cash Advance That Keeps Your Business Growing
Running any business is always a delicate balance of many factors, and it can be a stressful one. Balancing the needs of today against the investment and expansion opportunities of tomorrow is one of the things that makes this so difficult. Whenever you use a dollar available to your business today, that’s a dollar that may not be available for something tomorrow. Especially when it comes to operating expenses and the day to day liquid cash needed to keep your business running, growing, and expanding, it may be the case that a merchant cash advance is the right option. If you are a retail business and you anticipate making sales in the future, you can trade a percentage of those sales for a lump sum advance of cash. It works like this: If you qualify for a merchant cash advance from Infiniti Funding, we will get that cash infusion in your hands, and quickly. One of the advantages of a merchant cash advance is that it’s not a loan. If you don’t qualify for a loan because your business is relatively young or your credit position is not as strong as a bank would like, you may still be able to qualify for a merchant cash advance. Because the merchant cash advance is not a loan, the lump sum of money comes to you from a private lender, not a bank. The lump sum is yours to spend as you see fit, and you don’t have to pay it back on a set or specific schedule the way you would with a bank loan. It’s important to remember, though, that what you are trading for that advance can be relatively expensive if you compare it to an interest rate. Typically, a business that accept a merchant’s cash advance trades a percentage of its credit and debit card sales every month until it pays back the advance. The longer the advance is outstanding, the longer the company’s monthly receivables are reduced by this amount. The upside to this arrangement, however, is that the lender doesn’t get paid unless and until you do. Because there’s no set repayment schedule and the payment you trade is a percentage of your sales, it is lower or higher based on how your business is doing. This is the perfect flexible arrangement when it comes to infusing your business with much needed liquid cash for your operations. If you encounter an immediate need, a vendor who must be paid, an expense or capital investment that must be made, or any of several other unexpected scenarios, the advance can cover your sudden or unexpected cash deficit and keep your business on track. Approval ratios for applications for merchant cash advances are relatively high. The process of applying for a merchant cash advance is quick and relatively simple, and the money can be in your hands fast, sometimes within a single day (or even same day in some situations).

Sell Your Structured Settlement for Cash Now
There’s no doubt that we live in a litigious world, where lawsuits are common and large judgments, settlements, and payouts occur more often than they do not. Many Americans have become cynical regarding the legal process as a result. The fact is, however, that the overwhelming majority of those who are awarded settlements for personal injury, lawsuits, and other legal actions absolutely deserve to receive money for their time, for their pain, for their suffering, and for the changes caused in their lives by the issue that prompted them to file a lawsuit in the first place. But especially when a settlement or judgment is very large, that payment may be parceled out over time. This is true of insurance settlements and other payments as well. Any annuity — which is a legal agreement that, for a specific period of time, you will receive a specific payment from the provider of the annuity — has a value. This value is based on the future payments. In other words, owning an annuity means owning future payments, which have a specific value based on the anticipation of their receipt. Well, that’s fine... unless you need money NOW. Or what if the money you are receiving in annuity payments is significant, but it is not sufficient to what you wish to accomplish? It is a fact that for many people, a slightly smaller amount of money now is more value than a slightly larger amount of money many months later. And if you are receiving annuity payments, it may be the case that you would rather have a slightly lesser amount compared to the total of all those annuity payments if you could have access to the funds in a single lump sum immediately.

The greater the sum of money, the more purchase power that one has right away. This is the basis for selling annuity payments or, in the context of our business, using those payments as the basis for a structured settlement loan. We can get you the cash you need now based on the value of your future annuity payments, giving you the immediate purchasing power you require to finance your small business, purchase a home or a car, or fund whatever other project you have in mind that requires the benefit of your total annuity payments now, rather than at some date in the future when all those payments have received. Especially because financial markets are frequently unpredictable, it’s hard to say how much value a monthly payment might be, especially if those payments extend many years into the future. Having access to a lump sum, based on the future value of those accumulated payments, could make all the difference in financing the purchase, investment, business, or other project that you have in mind. Let Infiniti Funding provide you with the structured settlement loan you need in order to get your dreams off the ground. And you may not know that you don’t have to sell the value of the entire structured settlement. Many people who obtain structured settlement financing sell only those future payments that they need to answer their immediate lump sum need... which means they still have the benefit of the rest of their annuity in the future. We can tailor a financial solution to your specific needs, and we can discuss the conditions and payment terms in order to tailor your funding to just what you require. At Infiniti Funding, we provide the personal touch required both to put you at ease and keep you informed. Our representatives will take the time to discuss with you not only what you need and when you need it, but any questions, concerns, doubts, or other issues you might need resolved before you are ready to enter into a financing agreement with us. As always, your financial well-being, your continued success, and a successful solution to your financing needs are the first and foremost in our representatives’ minds. Let us show you the personal touch that Infiniti Funding can provide. Let us be your solution provider. Contact us today.

Sell Your Anticipated Settlement For Cash Now
Infiniti Funding is your premier source for funding based on your anticipated settlement or judgment. Are you, right now, in the process of litigation for a personal injury claim of some kind? Do you anticipate winning a settlement or judgment? While it may be comforting to know that you have such a payment coming to you, the legal process can be complicated, slow, and expensive. This means that you may need funds now, not only to pay ongoing legal expenses, but also because the money you anticipate coming in the future simply has not come to you yet. When you need money, you generally need it now, not months or even years from now. The judgment or settlement coming to you will be of great benefit when it finally does arrive, but right now, you have to have the funds, and you may not be able to wait for the legal process to wend its way through the often complicated red tape and legal delays that always seem to come up when you are pursuing a lawsuit or other legal case of some kind. If you’ve been injured through someone else’s negligence, if you are in any way disabled or suffering a diminished capacity to work, your problems are compounded as you wait for the funds you know are rightly yours as a result of your legal process. Having funds now could make the difference between your survival, until your lump sum payment or annuity kicks in, and not surviving during this difficult waiting period before the money owed you starts to flow into your bank account.

Contact Infiniti Funding to see if we can provide you with a financial solution based on your anticipated settlement. We provide pre-settlement funding for a variety of different litigations and legal scenarios. The benefit to you is that while we provide you with funding based on your anticipated settlement, if for some reason your settlement does not come through, you are not liable to repay Infiniti Funding for the financing you received. Your pre-settlement financing is approved based on the likelihood of that settlement, lump sum, or annuity payment coming to you, and if something occurs to stop that from happening (something that seemed unlikely or could not be anticipated at the time your pre-settlement financing was approved), you will not be liable to repay the funding provided to you by us.

Among the types of cases for which Infiniti could conceivably provide pre-settlement funding are medical malpractice, mass district litigation, wrongful death lawsuits, premises liability cases, labor disputes, automobile accidents and related personal injury, judgments and settled cases, and verdicts under appeal. As is always the case in any financing undertaken by Infiniti Funding, you will find our terms easy to understand, and we will work with you to tailor your financing solution to your specific case details and your specific needs. We are eager to get you the cash that you need, when you need it. Financing solutions are deeply personal, or can be, and the circumstances under which you need to receive your funds, not to mention the reasoning behind this and the timing of the financing, are just as important and potentially intimate as are the circumstances under which your litigation or other settlement scenario was initiated. Give us the chance to prove to you how deeply we care about not only helping you financially, but easing your concerns, anxiety, and doubts about the financial process overall. We know that, especially when you are looking at an immediate financial need that you are not sure how to meet, emotions can run high and stress can seem overwhelming. Allow us to alleviate all of those concerns for you in tailoring your financial solution to your specific requirements.

When You Need Stock Loans, both Domestic and International, Infiniti Funding Can Help
Financing secured by stocks — stock loans — is one way to solve the very important issue you face when you require cash now, but your assets are stocks in which you have invested for purposes of long-term appreciation. The problem is an obvious one: When you purchase certain stocks, you purchase them with the anticipation that they will rise in value. This provides you with a significant capital gain when you finally sell the stock or stocks in question. The problem is that, if you find you have a need for liquid cash in the short term, and the funds you might otherwise have available to you are tied up in the stock investment you have made, you have little recourse to meet your immediate financial need. The prospect before you is not an attractive one: You could, in order to meet your short-term liquidity needs, sell your stock, or some portion of your stock, long before you anticipated doing so. The biggest problem with this “solution” is that you will lose the long-term benefit of the investment. In fact, if the market is experiencing a temporary downturn, you may even take a loss on the investment for the sake of having short-term cash available to you immediately. Taking a loss on that investment amplifies the disadvantage of selling off your long-term stock investment, in whole or in part, to meet a short-term financial need. Markets are volatile and will rise and fall in the short term, making any short-term sale of stocks for liquid cash an iffy prospect at best.

Infiniti Funding can provide you with a stock loan that will help you to maintain your portfolio’s long-term viability. You can borrow immediate funds — liquid cash — against the long-term value of your stock portfolio, offering you the cash you need while not diminishing the value of your long-term investment as your capital appreciates. Do you own a great deal of stock in one popular company, but you want to diversify your portfolio? Taking out a stock loan against a minority stake in that share will allow you to diversify your portfolio, further shoring up your financial position while still leaving your long-term investment in place and appreciating.

Are you a stockholder who is not based in the United States? Would you like the advantage of funds loaned against the value of your international shares? Infiniti Funding can provide you with a non-recourse stock loan secured by your equities. When you engage in international stock lending of this type, your shares become collateral for the loan. There is, as we say in the industry, “no recourse to the borrower” in the case of loan default. In other words, if the loan results in a default, the collateral (the shares held, in the case of international stock lending) is taken, but no further action can or will be taken against the borrower, even if the value of the shares held as collateral is less than the amount of the loan default. These programs thus offer international clients many benefits. They are highly competitive and offer low interest (or interest-only payment structures. Loan denominations are in the currency of the client’s choice (for obvious reasons). Repayment terms vary and can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements, subject of course to approval and negotiation by Infiniti Funding.

Non-recourse loan products are not available to United States citizens, nor can we issue them against securities listed in the United States. To qualify for international stock lending, the shares offered as collateral must be listed on an approved stock exchange and be free trading, common stock that is not restricted. Stocks held by corporations must be accompanied by necessary resolution documentation; there are a few other restrictions that our staff can discuss with you. There are also certain daily dollar averages that must be met, and our staff can discuss these minimum values with you. Stocks must be free of liens and cannot have been assigned to anyone or any third-party entity. Stocks that are not publicly listed, as well as pre-IPO stocks, are not eligible. We can’t accept notes issued to affiliates, nor can the issuer be a non-reporting or shell company.

Infiniti Funding Is Your One Stop Source For All Your Financing Requirements
Every business owner understands the struggle that is maintaining your business’ viability and solvency while maintaining the liquid cash needed for shorter-term needs. There are multiple ways that you could address this need for short-term liquid funds. One of them is a merchant cash advance. You could, for example, receive cash advance funding from us in exchange for some corresponding part of anticipated credit card sales in the future. We can also provide you with the financing you require to buy equipment, as investments of this type are always difficult prospects when it comes to the benefit of that equipment versus the hit to your liquid cash reserves that would result from buying the equipment outright. Yes, investments of that type can help your books later on, but that doesn’t change the fact that you need liquid cash sooner rather than later, especially for those short-term expenses that always seem to come up. Your vendors, for example, will quickly lose patience if you aren’t paying them promptly, and they won’t want to hear that you have future sales or that you spent money investing in equipment that will provide your business with benefits down the road. They want their cash now, and you may need funding now that can be taken out against your future sales.

By the same token, many small businesses find themselves in need of small business loans for various capital improvements, renovations, equipment investments, and other issues that arise from the day to day and short or long term conduct of your business operations. Infiniti Funding offers quick, efficient processing of your small business loan application. Let us get you the funds your business needs, right now, so you can resolve your issues and accomplish your goals.

Are you a healthcare professional? Infiniti Funding can provide you with the cash you need for debt consolidation, the purchase of critical and often expensive medical equipment, or the funding you need to acquire a practice or engage in some other large purchase. We are happy to discuss with you your health care-based financing needs, and we pride ourselves on finding the right financial solution for healthcare professionals seeking to advance their business interests while serving their patients. Our clients are extremely important to us, and we know that for those of you in the healthcare industry, your clients are also extremely important to you. Let us provide you with a financial solution tailored to your specific needs, while offering you the personalized service and dedication to your client satisfaction that characterizes everything we do here at Infiniti Funding.

Loans Based On Assets
Financing based on something of real value to secure the loan is a specialty here at Infiniti Funding. We can provide you with hard money loans and bridge financing to meet your immediate liquid cash needs. It is a fact that if you have an asset of some value, it is easier to obtain a loan secured against that value than it is to obtain a loan that is not secured. We will gladly discuss with you your financing options when it comes to obtaining financing based on your assets. Our professional, courteous staff will gladly take the time to answer your questions, address your doubts, provide you with information about the often complex financial industry, and treat you with the personalized attention that you deserve as our client and as our special guest. Let us show you just how easy and free of stress this process can be. We are happy to give you our best while treating you as the valued individual that you are... and that includes taking into account your unique situation and requirements.

Fast, Efficient Applications, Easy to Complete
Contact us today to fill out an application for financing. We pride ourselves on keeping the process simple, efficient, and easy to complete. Contact us today to initiate the process and one of our representatives will be in touch with you very soon. We can’t take the first step, but we will very gladly see the process through once you contact us.

Structured Settlement & Pre-Settlement Funding

Are you currently receiving annuity payments from a structured settlement? Do you anticipate receiving a judgment or a settlement? You can “sell” some or all of your future payments for a lump sum of cash now, when you need it. Contact us today to find out more.

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Merchant Cash Advance Financing

Are you a retailer with a young business? Is your credit position less than ideal? If you need funding to keep your business growing but you can’t qualify for more traditional financing, you can trade a percentage of future sales for a lump sum cash advance. Ask us for more information.

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Tailored Financial Solutions for All Your Needs

Cash is the lifeblood of every business. It’s also necessary to facilitate a variety of commercial and personal transactions. Infiniti Funding can tailor a financial solution to your parameters, no matter what your credit situation might be. If you can’t get more traditional financing, we may still be able to help you. Contact us today and let us get started for you.

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Domestic & International Stock Loans

Financing secured by stocks — stock loans — is one way to solve the very important issue you face when you require cash now, but your assets are stocks in which you have invested for purposes of long-term appreciation.

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Loans Based On Assets

Financing based on something of real value to secure the loan is a specialty here at Infiniti Funding. We can provide you with hard money loans and bridge financing to meet your immediate liquid cash needs.

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Fast, Efficient Applications, Easy to Complete

Contact us today to fill out an application for financing. We pride ourselves on keeping the process simple, efficient, and easy to complete.

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Infiniti Funding is a business built on integrity. Our philosophy is a simple one: We do our best to find financial solutions for our clients..
In the business world, it is a fact that the lifeblood of all financial transactions, of all commerce, of all trade and all merchant activity, is money. But there are many different forms of money. If your money does not exist in the form you need when you need it, converting it and making it suitable can be difficult. It can also take time and, depending on your situation, this may be time you do not have.
Infiniti Funding prides itself on making sure you have the money you require in the liquid form you require it in order to meet the varied demands of your business and commercial activities. Whether you are an investor or a small business owner, someone who purchases stocks, or even an international investor located outside the United States, Infiniti Funding can conceivably help you get the money you need.



Are the majority of your assets tied up in long-term securities? Would liquidating those securities for fast cash deprive you of anticipated appreciation? It’s possible to take a loan against your stocks, even if you’re an investor located outside of the United States. Ask us about our domestic and international stock loans today.

Hard money loans are those loans backed by assets. We can provide you with a loan secured by the value of an asset you choose to collateralize. Because these loans are backed by an item of real value and not primarily by your credit score, it may be possible to secure a hard money loan even if you can’t get more traditional or conventional bank financing. Contact us for more information.

If you’re currently receiving annuity payments for a structured settlement or judgment, while it’s nice to know the money’s coming, you may have financial needs that must be answered now and which cannot wait. We can get you a lump sum of cash for all or some of your future settlement payments. And if you haven’t yet received your payments, we might be able to arrange for pre-settlement funding... in which case, we don’t get repaid unless your settlement comes through. Contact us today for more information.

A merchant cash advance is not a loan. It is instead a lump sum of cash you receive in exchange for a percentage of your future merchant credit and debit sales. Merchant cash advances are relatively easy to qualify for and involve a very simple, efficient application process. Even if you can’t secure more traditional financing (especially if your business is relatively new), it may be possible to qualify for a merchant cash advance. Ask us today to find out more.

Bridge financing is a type of asset-backed loan that helps “bridge the gap” between one form of financing and another, more permanent financial arrangement. Especially if the property you are using to back the loan

Every small business struggles with cash flow. A small business loan may be just the thing you need to keep your business growing or to get it off the ground. Let us help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of small business loans. We can tailor a financial solution to your specific needs.


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  • “After just a few months open to the public, my business had a problem. To continue to expand, I needed cash. Infiniti Funding was able to get me a merchant cash advance that made it possible to keep my business growing when I couldn’t get a small business loan.”

    Sasha L, Miami

  • “I needed financing, but the property was part of a foreclosure and its legal status made it impossible for me to get a bank loan. I turned to Infiniti Funding. They were able to get me a bridge loan that made it possible to ride out the foreclosure proceedings.

    Jason B, Atlantic City

  • “My structured settlement paid me only a small amount for many years. I realized early on that I could never achieve what I wanted to achieve waiting for the payments to trickle in. Infiniti Funding was able to work out my settlement loan so I got a big lump sum in exchange for those future checks.”

    Shanda F, Swedesboro

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